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Quarantine playlist

Hello, and welcome to another weekend. The first of May, and it is starting to look like spring is finally going to stick around. It has been great watching all the snow melting out of our yard and comparing it with our friends in other parts of the country. For a while there, I really didn’t like our family in Ontario who kept sending pictures of them out in the green grass while we were waiting for all the icicles to melt. However, last weekend when the last snow pile melted and our iced-in reindeer finally fell over, I knew we had arrived. Now, before you remind me that “we always get late snow, it’s not over” please know that I am aware of that, but it’s not the type of snow that stays very long, so I’m calling it over. Please let me have it!

By now, I’m sure you have all heard that the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings will remain in place throughout the summer, so the City had to cancel our Canada Day Celebration. It was disappointing, but we know that the restrictions are in place for everyone’s safety, so we are following the public health orders. The entire Cultural Services team works very hard on this event, with many other departments in the City, and countless volunteers, so we are shifting gears to determine if there is another way to deliver some sort of celebration. Horizon Stage, along with our not-for-profit society The Horizon Stagelighters, are always proud to present the entertainment throughout the day and the main stage in the evening, and even though this year will look different from others, our commitment to bringing you great artists will continue into next year’s festivities. We are all learning how to adjust our expectations, keeping in mind that we are all doing what we can to keep health and safety our top priority.

This week, I asked our department to tell me what they’re listening to, since the Stage is quiet. Below is a collection of two songs each from the entire Cultural Services team. The songs in this playlist run the gambit from fun and danceable, to introspective and thoughtful. We each chose one song by a Canadian artist, but the second had no restrictions. These are songs that inspire us at this moment in time. If you haven’t heard them, I recommend you look them up – YouTube, SpotifyExternal, the artists’ websites, or wherever your music comes from – think of it like a treasure hunt, from us to you. I hope you have some fun and discover some new tunes to keep you going.

I’ve put the list in order of how long the staff member has been with the team, so no one can accuse me of favouritism…

Don – Technical Services Coordinator
“Up All Night” – Derina Harvey Band (Canadian), “The Gift” – Ian Tyson (Canadian)

Karen – Senior Administrative Assistant
“Let It Shine On” - John Wort Hannam (Canadian), “Thunder” – Imagine Dragons

Kerri – Theatre Marketing Coordinator
“Last Saskatchewan Pirate” – original by the Arrogant Worms and equally good cover by Captain Tractor (both Canadian), “Take On Me” – a-ha

David – Cultural Services Administrator
“Both Sides Now” – Joni Mitchell (Canadian), “Everything is Awesome” – Tegan & Sara (Canadian)

Brandi – Theatre Manager
“Coming Home Again” – Mike Plume (Canadian), “One Man Band” – Old Dominion

Sylvia – Event Supervisor
“Take Me Out Dancing” – Taylor-Rae (Canadian), “What the World Needs Now” - the Boston Conservatory COVID compilation

Glenda – House Manager
“Church” - Don Amero (Canadian), “Real Talk” - Angie K

Morris – Theatre Technician
“Ride Forever" – Paul Gross (Canadian), “The Princess Who Saved Herself” - Jonathan Colton

Brent – Director of Cultural Services
“Spin Our Wheels” – Sloan (Canadian), “When You Awake” – The Band (half-Canadian)

Brendan – Cultural Services Technician
“One Voice” - the Wailin’ Jennys (Canadian), “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” - Barenaked Ladies cover (Canadian)

Jeanine – Event Assistant
“Feeling Good” – Michael Buble (Canadian), “Getting Good” - Lauren Alania

So there you have it, our playlist from Cultural Services. We hope you enjoy it, and we’d love for you to share your own songs on our social media – we miss talking with you! Have a great weekend everyone.

-Brandi Watson, Theatre Manager


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