On the Horizon - May 5

One last show for this season

Thank you! Our 16-17 Horizon Stage season has come to a close… almost… though we can’t officially say it’s done until the re-scheduled Jim Witter show on May 16. We keep referring to the end of the season, because technically this was the end of the programming, but we’re eagerly awaiting Jim’s return to the Stage. My thanks are to all of you who bought tickets to shows this year, provided feedback in our surveys, told your friends and neighbours about us, and in countless little ways made this year fantastic.

We did quite a few new things this year. From local celebrities strutting their Halloween best, to snowball fights in the theatre, to moving the whole performance to Elks Hall; it has been a lot of fun. I have appreciated hearing from our patrons and volunteers about what they liked and didn’t like, what they want us to bring back or try again, and suggestions for future performances. I sincerely love having the opportunity to connect with you – at the theatre, through email, and all the other places we bump into each other.

So, now that the Horizon Stage season is wrapping up, what’s going on around here? What is keeping us occupied? A lot actually!

This week and next, the Horizon Players are in the theatre with their production of The Lion King Jr. If you haven’t got tickets yet – hurry up! The show features lots of talented youth, all supported by a patient and creative team of volunteer theatre folk from our area. Rehearsals have been ongoing for quite some time, and it’s a great show. Tickets are available by calling 780-962-8995 or online while they last.

Then, it’s straight into 6 weeks’ worth of dance studios, schools, and rental presentations. Just in case you thought we were already taking our summer holidays (we’re certainly not); the theatre gets very busy before that. In the office, we’re designing the 17-18 brochure, working on getting next season ready to sell on July 7, and doing our respective pieces of The City of Spruce Grove’s Canada Day CelebrationExternal. After that, we’ll all need some holidays! There is so much excitement going on around here that it feels almost silly to talk about “winding down”. I suppose that’s the cyclical nature of this business; as one thing finishes, there are many more building momentum behind it.

In any case, I’m happy to have you all along for the ride. For those who were at our Horizon Stage On the Road with Vissia and Union Duke last week, you’ve already got a taste of who’s coming next year, so I’m counting on you to spread the word. The 35th anniversary season is on its way!

-Brandi Wurtz, Theatre Manager


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