On the Horizon - January 25

A lot of variety coming up!

I have to start today with a huge thank you to everyone who came out to Horizon Stage last Friday to watch six fantastic guitarists on our stage. The Montreal Guitare Trio and California Guitar Trio pretty much blew us all out of our seats. At the afternoon show we hosted for 250 grade 5-9 students, a young girl asked, “How do your fingers move so fast???” The answer, of course, was PRACTICE. Up to 8 hours a day at times. That is dedication to a craft, and I am so glad we were able to witness the result of all the hard work. There were so many good comments at intermission and after the show that I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful the evening was, and how grateful I am that so many people took the time to tell us.

Tonight (Friday) is the folk band The Young Novelists, so we hope to see you at the Theatre. There are still a few tickets left, so if you’re feeling spontaneous stop by and pick up a ticket or two for the 7:30 show. Looking ahead to February 2, we’re happy to bring back Chase Padgett (of 6 Guitars a couple of years ago). Chase is a gifted storyteller, and this show focusses on a phenomenal guitar player. In his usual style, Chase plays many characters in the life of the fictional musician nicknamed the Nashville Hurricane – mother, manager, and mentor, as well as the prodigy himself. Chase’s ability to transform himself into these different characters so convincingly is what has made him such a huge hit with fans.

The Emeralds are returning to Horizon Stage on February 7 for an afternoon full of polkas, humour, and of course, ‘The Bird Dance”. These Edmonton musicians have been making music for 48 years, and have recorded a boatload of albums. 29, actually. They’ve won lots of awards and Juno nominations, but the truth is they don’t let it go to their heads. These guys love doing what they do, and we’re happy to have them back for their 2 p.m. show. Get those hands ready to clap along, and perhaps you’ll even be enticed to twirl around a time or two…

We’re going to jump ahead now to April. An exciting project is taking shape, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about it through the next couple of months. The Emerging Artists Showcase, featuring Nuela Charles is the first of its kind at Horizon Stage, on April 9. The evening will be an eclectic mix of styles, with performers of different backgrounds and talents. As the name implies, many of these artists are new-ish, and maybe not ready for their own full shows at our theatre. Think of it like a program of opening acts, or a festival, with a headliner. We’re going to start with an artist on stage in the lobby before the main stage show time, so make sure you arrive early. Enjoy a beverage, set the atmosphere right from the beginning. Then, we’ll move into the theatre itself where you’ll be treated to 3 more short performances by artists who are very different from each other. That’s what the whole thing is about – hearing and supporting artists who are working hard at their craft and want to show you what they’ve got. At intermission we’ll move back to the lobby for another young performer and enjoy some treats we’ve set out for you. After intermission, our headliner Neula Charles will take the stage and show you why she was nominated for a Juno Award for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year in 2018, and why her single, “Crumbling Down”, spent seven weeks on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 charts. All in all, the goal of this Showcase evening is to introduce you to some new talent, to give them an opportunity to get in front of a supportive audience, and to bring us all together in a night of celebrating local talent. I really hope you’ll purchase a ticket (very inexpensive and low-risk) to spend a unique night with us. I will be highlighting the individual artists as we move closer to the show, so keep checking online and reading here. Tickets for all our shows are available online, by phone at 780-962-8995, or by coming to visit us at the City Hall Ticket Centre.

Well, that’s all the space I have for today, so I’ll close quickly with a funny thought for you: “For the record, a person born in 33 was 45 in 78. Do the math… it’s true! Have a fantastic couple of weeks and we’ll chat again soon.

-Brandi Watson, Theatre Manager


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