On the Horizon - February 22

Access the 2019-20 season pre-sale

Hello and how are you today? It’s nearly the end of February, which is crazy because I’m not sure how we got to this point in the season so quickly. Horizon Stage has been busy with season performances and rental events, and we’re hard at work finalizing the 19-20 season for you.

We hope you have enjoyed the offerings at the theatre this year. We’ve had a lot of really fantastic shows and a lot of great feedback; thank you for sharing. We’ve been working on trying to entice patrons who only come to a couple of shows a year to increase their attendance, and now I want to talk to those of you who are in the “middle”. You come to four or five shows, and you’re pretty happy with them. But you’re not yet in what we’d call the “frequent flyer” group of patrons who line up right when the season goes on sale, selections made for the year. We’re hoping you’d like to join them (they’re an eager group and lots of fun) and here’s how. Every year we offer an exclusive pre-sale opportunity for those patrons who have purchased seven or more Horizon Stage season performances. They get a letter from us, inviting them to buy tickets a day or so before the season is available to the public. There are some large orders on pre-sale day, and we share lots of laughs and excitement over the newly-launched season.

If you’d like to be on the list to receive your personal invitation, it’s really quite simple. Make sure you have purchased seven or more season shows (that means the rental events don’t count) by the time our last show arrives, and bingo, you’re in. There’s no sign up, no giving up your first-born child (please don’t leave your kids for me to raise…), just come to seven great shows. It’s a win-win if you ask me - watch good stuff, get early access to more good stuff! If you are interested in finding out how many more you need in order to qualify, just give us a call at the City Hall Ticket Centre at 780-962-8995 and we’ll talk you through it. We’ll even help you pick out your remaining performances.

Here are some ideas for what’s coming up, so you can start thinking about your choices:

February 25 – Avan Yu will dazzle classical piano fans with his skills and his stories. On March 2, lose yourself in Coppelia, a delightful ballet about a dollmaker and his quest for love – sure to please everyone who longs for friendship and comedy. Looking for some new musical adventures to share with your kids or grandkids? RupLoops: the Human Radio is fun even if you don’t have young ones with you. On March 23 Rup will show us how our bodies are capable of being instruments all on their own, with live-looping and a host of unique instruments and musical styles from around the world. That one is a matinee, suitable for ages 4 to 94. Here’s one I’ve been so excited about since we booked it – Krystle Dos Santos Motown Revue on March 30. I grew up listening to Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, the Temptations, and a host of other incredible artists. Krystle does them all justice. She played for us on the main stage at Canada Day a couple years ago and the crowd loved her, so imagine how great her powerful voice will be in our theatre. I get goosebumps thinking about it. April brings the last three shows in our season, and means the last chances to get in on the pre-sale list. Starting with ABRA Cadabra on April 6 and 7, we’ll be Dancing Queens and Mamma Mia’s if you Take a Chance on Me and come see all the sequined costumes with us. Does Your Mother Know how much you want to see this show? (Ok come on, that was fun)! Our Emerging Artist Night featuring Nuela Charles is a wonderful opportunity to support new talent and see a diverse variety of musical talent all in one evening. That show is on April 9, and we end the week and the season three days later with the ever-popular Trevor Panczak on the 12th. Country music fans will connect with Trevor’s authenticity and humour. Last seen in our theatre in 2011, we’re anxious for his return, and to celebrate the end of another Horizon Stage season.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what could be in your future from now until April. The amount of talent coming to the theatre is huge, and we’d love to be part of your spring entertainment plans. More information, including many artist videos, is available online any time of day or night. Come visit us at the City Hall Ticket Centre or give us a call at 780-962-8995 and we’ll do our very best to hook you up with some show tickets. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

-Brandi Watson, Theatre Manager


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