On the Horizon - April 5

Just a few shows left in the season!

Happy Spring everyone! I am SO loving the warmer weather and the sunshine. I hope you’re all starting to come out of hibernation and not suffering too much with allergies yet.

This past Saturday, Horizon Stage hosted one of the most high-energy shows we’ve seen in a while (and that’s saying something after the Arrogant Worms). Krystle Dos Santos, backed up by the Black Mambas, was simply fantastic. If you were not in the audience, you missed a heck of a show – I hope you had some really important plans that kept you away. In our marketing we told you she was a powerhouse vocalist, and boy did she deliver. And then some. What a great way to spend an evening.

We are at the point in the performing arts season when I start to wonder where the year has gone. We only have a few shows left before we’re done, and then it’s the Horizon Players, and renters, and Canada DayExternal, and summer! And then we start all over again in September with a brand new lineup for you. Let’s quickly go through the remaining acts: ABRA Cadabra will play for 2 sold-out shows this Saturday and Sunday. Ok, there are a couple of single tickets left if you don’t mind sitting apart from your friend/neighbour/spouse, but other than that, it’s a full house both nights of throwback ABBA tunes. Then, the Emerging Artists Showcase featuring Nuela Charles that I covered a couple of weeks ago. I’d really like to see that evening to be well supported by our patrons, so we can prove to the young artists that there is a place for them. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet for April 9, a gentle reminder that $15 is an all-ages price and we would be happy to sell them to you. Just a few days later, Trevor Panczak will close the Horizon Stage 2018-19 season for us in his own terrific country style. A dedicated Alberta boy, Trevor lives in Lethbridge where I grew up, so it’s always fun to catch up with him. April 12 will have a home-town vibe to bring our season to an end.

But wait, there’s more! The Horizon Players are presenting a super-fun family show in May. The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr will run May 3-5 and 9-11 with both evening and afternoon times. Did your kids do Flat Stanley at school? Mine did and it was a blast. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s a book about a boy who gets flattened, and then travels the world. In school, the students each get a Flat Stanley and a notebook, which they have to mail to someone they know. The person who receives it writes in the notebook and takes a photo, then sends it to someone else who does the same thing. The idea is that by the time each Stanley gets back to the school, they’ve been on a grand adventure with many twists and turns. With that as the basis for the musical, how can it not be great? Featuring a whole bunch of local kids in the cast, I anticipate the audiences will be adoring. We’re selling tickets at the City Hall Ticket Centre, over the phone at 780-962-8995, and online.

We hope to see you soon, at any number of these performances, and again Happy Spring!

-Brandi Watson, Theatre Manager


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