Canada's Ballet Jörgen: Coppélia Local Participant Program

Local Dancers Invited to Join Professional Dancers On Stage

Local Dancers Invited to Join Professional Company On Stage

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen is looking for 3 female and 2 male student dancers to participate with the company in their performance of Coppélia at Horizon Stage on Saturday, March 2.

The cast will be assembled from local area students, based on recommendations by their dance/theatre teachers. The cast will rehearse with the Company for 1 hour the day before the show (March 1) and then 4 to 5 hours directly prior to the performance. All participants are invited to watch Company class on stage and if students are advanced enough in their training they will be encouraged to join the Company class.

Local participants MUST also be able to attend rehearsal on Friday, March 1 from 4 - 5 p.m

The candidates will need to learn the choreography quickly, listen well, and follow and retain directions easily. They must have good stage presence and carry themselves well.

How the Program Works:

The Local Participant roles in Coppélia are walk-on roles. Students portray dolls, they wear the same costumes as the professionals and are in the scenes to enhance the atmosphere of celebration and comradery. We look to have the students blend in with the professionals seamlessly and boost the scenes with vibrancy.

The main goal for the Local Participant program is to give the participants up close exposure and access to the workings of professional dance – all the detailed work that goes on backstage to prepare for each and every show, the technical and artistic expertise required by all, and the need for every single performer to give their 100% at all times throughout the process and the show. This is how magic is created for our audiences, it is how we infinitely grow as artists and it is who we are as a Company. The Local Participants are invited to dance their roles at 100%, adding to the magic and have an inspiring experience!

Eligibility Criteria:

Females – 3 Roles
Ages 14+  Height: 5’2″ to 5’8″  Waist: 22.5″ to 26″

Males – 2 Roles
Ages 15+  Height 5’5″ to 5’11”  Waist 27″ to 29″

Participants must have a dance physicality. The female costumes are tights, bodysuit, and a romantic style tutu. The male costumes are tights, bodysuit, and a cummerbund.

Apply For A Role:
The recommendation process has 2 steps.

Step 1: To apply for the recommendation process, please complete the Local Participant Online Application Form

Step 2: Have your dance teacher contact for the password to access and complete the Teacher Recommendation online form.

Spruce Grove Local Participant Application Deadline: Saturday, February 9

For more information visit:


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